Restaurants: get involved

We are asking restaurants to put a voluntary 10p levy on any soft drinks with added sugar that they sell. The money raised through the levy is paid into the Children’s Health Fund and used to support projects to improve kids’ health and food education.

Participating restaurants are provided with a guide explaining how to implement the levy, and are given access to Children’s Health Fund assets including:

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  • The logo for use on menus.
  • Posters advertising that you support the Children’s Health Fund.
  • Email signature banners.
  • Our newsletter that you can use to keep your customers informed.

An independent research team are evaluating the effectiveness of the scheme, and participating restaurants must be prepared to provide beverage sales data to help with this.

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We will be evaluating the projects we work with to show the impact that food education can have when used as a weapon against the growing tide of obesity and diet-related diseases.



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Jamie Oliver is a campaigning chef who believes passionately that food education is a powerful tool in the fight against the global obesity crisis.